by Bookworm Becky: 4.5

Shard, artists, chatroom…

Detective Matthew Venn returns for a new case in Book #2 of the series. Many of the same characters but a new investigation. One murder will lead to more at the rural home of a group of artists. Is there a link with the earlier suicide of a young man?

Matthew Venn will lead the investigation into the deaths. His husband Jonathan compares Matthew to a heron . “So patient. Just willing to wait. Entirely focused on the prey.” While Matthew at times feels muddled – “too much going on. Too many connections. Too many motives.”

I saw Ann Cleeves at a local author event in Sept 2023. I had never read any of her books at that time. Book #3 of the Matthew Venn novels was included with the ticket. I also bought Book #1 at the event. A few days after reading/enjoying #1, I ordered #2. Unfortunately , I’m just getting to Book #2 now three months later. I should have read it sooner!

You will learn a lot of details in Matthew’s team briefings / meetings.

Lots of new-to-me vocabulary. Ex: boring sod, Billy-no-makes, hubby is a dry, old stick, and dogsbody.

Lots of possible suspects & motives. I did not figure it out!

Another gripping whodunit/mystery/police procedural.

I said this in my review of #3 The Raging Storm, but it’s worth repeating. Consider me a new fan of this author!