The contribution of this book lies in the historical comparison of infrastructural systems that normally are dealt with separately. The synthesis has been achieved mainly by an extensive literature review of research from a wide range of various fields and by using prime sources to some extent. The comparative and long-term perspective allows similarities and differences to be discovered in the development of arrangements around streets, water, and sanitation. By using the analytical lens of publicness, the author challenges the common belief that these three areas have always been public concerns or obligations. An assumption that relies on the fact that presently they indeed are public infrastructural systems. Furthermore, it is shown that the evolution of municipal streets, water, and sanitation has left a historical legacy which is still affecting the way these infrastructural systems are managed today.

Publication Date: 
Friday, 15 September, 2023
Author Bio: 

Pär Blomkvist is Associate Professor in Industrial Economics at Mälardalen University (MDU), Sweden. He holds a PhD in history and his research focuses on infrastructural systems and innovation theory. Blomkvist has published several books and articles on infrastructure management in road traffic and water and sanitation systems, from both a historical and a contemporary perspective.