by Gloria M (San Jose): I approached “Poster Girl” by Veronica Roth with a tiny bit of trepidation.   She has never been in my TBR stack (dangerously high and on the verge of tipping over, lol) though I was aware that she had created the popular Divergent series.  I am confident nearly everyone has watched those movies!  I was pleasantly surprised by this novel!  The character of Sonya quickly captured my interest and provided a fun read.

Sonya is captured and then detained in a tiny enclave of former devotees of the Delegation which has been overthrown by the Triumverate.  As history shows us, often new regimes begin with proclaimed dedications to freedom and equality only to once again travel down a path of rules and regulations and restrictions.  Sadly, to quote Lord Acton, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Our lead character, is compelling and one I found myself rooting for, is assigned a seemingly impossible task to gain her freedom.  Along the way she discovers many truths about her past and struggles to unearth her true nature.  It is a satisfying read and I found myself visualizing the limited series or perhaps a movie that might be generated from these pages. 

This is definitely worth your time, whether you consume it on a beach, or on vacation or in your favorite cozy reading spot!