By dividing large applications into separate self-contained units, Microservices are a great step toward reducing complexity and increasing flexibility. Spring Microservices in Action, 2nd Edition teaches you how to build microservice-based applications using Java and the Spring platform. This second edition is fully updated for the latest version of Spring, with expanded coverage of API routing with Spring Cloud Gateway, logging with the ELK stack, metrics with Prometheus and Grafana, security with the Hashicorp Vault, and modern deployment practices with Kubernetes and Istio.

Building and deploying microservices can be easy in Spring! Libraries like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Gateway reduce the boilerplate code in REST-based services. They provide an effective toolbox to get your microservices up and running on both public and private clouds.

Spring Microservices in Action, 2nd Edition teaches you to build microservice-based applications …