by RobertaW (Los Ranchos): Best friends Jack and Wynn embark on a river trip which should be idyllic but is not. We know from the first sentence that there is a fire up the river. As they are traveling in their canoe, they meet a pair of Texans who are camping out and who seem unconcerned about the fire. As they head on they overhear a couple having a heated argument.

Thus begins a good action, adventure story. The author is clearly an outdoors man and his descriptions of the river and surroundings are beautiful. I loved the pace of this book which builds into a thriller. You are likely not to put the book down until you are finished.

I do think the author’s descriptions of the Texans were somewhat stereotypical and I wanted to know more about the arguing couple (especially the husband) and their relationship. The reasons for violence in that marriage didn’t make sense to me.

This book is a great read and one that I think most men would enjoy. I’m always looking for a good “guy” book and The River is now on that list.