Master the art of game creation with MonoGame – the cross-platform framework of choice for independent developers. Learn the various aspects needed to create your next game by covering MonoGame framework specifics, engine creation, graphics, patterns, and more.

The MonoGame framework provides an incredible canvas for the programmer to create their next 2D game, and this book teaches you to make the most of it. You will start from the ground up, beginning with the basics of what MonoGame is, the pipeline, and then how to build a reusable game engine on top of the framework. You will deep dive into various components of each aspect of a game, including graphics, input, audio, and artificial intelligence. The importance of game tooling is also covered. By the end, you will have a mastery level of understanding of how to create a 2D game using MonoGame.

With a fully functional 2D game, aspiring developers will have the ideal blueprint to tackle their next full …