Logging in Action is a guide to optimize and organize logging using the CNCF Fluentd and Fluent Bit projects. You’ll use the powerful log management tool Fluentd to solve common log management, and learn how proper log management can improve performance and make management of software and infrastructure solutions easier. Through useful examples like sending log-driven events to Slack, you’ll get hands-on experience applying structure to your unstructured data.

Don’t fly blind! An effective logging system can help you see and correct problems before they cripple your software. With the Fluentd log management tool, it’s a snap to monitor the behavior and health of your software and infrastructure in real time. Designed to collect and process log data from multiple sources using the industry-standard JSON format, Fluentd delivers a truly unified logging layer across all your systems.

Logging in Action teaches you to record and analyze application and infrastr …