Get hands-on practical knowledge of concepts and techniques for VR development using Unity and VRTK version 4. This book is a step-by-step guide to learning VRTK 4 for developing immersive VR experiences.

Unity is a powerful game engine for developing VR experiences. With its built-in support for all major VR headsets, it’s the perfect tool for developers to realize their vision in VR. VRTK is a battle-tested VR solution for Unity; VRTK 4, in conjunction with Unity, has changed the dynamics of VR development.

This book focuses on creating deep understanding of how advanced VR mechanics and techniques are built and utilized as a part of a VR framework. You will start off by setting up your devices for VR development and learn about the advantages of using VRTK 4 over alternate SDKs. You will learn to setup your very own custom VRTK Rig, find out how to setup various advanced VR mechanics and locomotion techniques, how to create several spatial UI objects, a …