ECMAScript 6 represents the biggest update to the core of JavaScript in the history of the language. In Understanding ECMAScript 6, expert developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides a complete guide to the object types, syntax, and other exciting changes that ECMAScript 6 brings to JavaScript. Every chapter is packed with example code that works in any JavaScript environment so you’ll be able to see new features in action.

How ECMAScript 6 class syntax relates to more familiar JavaScript concepts; What makes iterators and generators useful; How arrow functions differ from regular functions; Ways to store data with sets, maps, and more; The power of inheritance; How to improve asynchronous programming with promises; How modules change the way you organize code.

Whether you’re a web developer or a Node.js developer, you’ll find Understanding ECMAScript 6 indispensable on your journey from ECMAScript 5 to ECMAScript 6. …