Turtles all the Way down is as good as the cover, with material too heavy to be considered downright uplifting, John Green has done himself justice as a TEEN fiction guru by managing to write two polar opposite female heroines. TATWD gives a disturbingly authentic glimpse into the sporadic thought spirals of someone living with germaphobia. For me the highlights of this book are the small forages into tangent subjects which Green obviously thought would be most engaging to the reader (which I can’t name without spoiling but they will comfort your inner geek.) The heavy topics encountered are un-answerables: Which is more life giving: Love, financial stability, or health? How do we leave room for “just friends”? How important are parents? How important are our daily thought trains really? Even if the subject matter is dangerously close to your real life disorder…this book will be a safe space to laugh and feel understood without having to say anything or touch anyone; and that is good. 5stars.

written by Ellen A