Jamstack sites use JavaScript, APIs, and Markup to create fast, dynamic pages without the overhead of heavyweight frameworks. The Jamstack Book is your essential guide to this exciting new web architecture. Written by renowned Jamstack experts Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi, it’s filled with real-world projects to develop and hone your skills.

You’ll learn how to lay out and generate a site, set up your own CMS, and add dynamic features like user logins and search functionality. Confusing jargon is demystified. Plus, you’ll get the chance to try out different static site generators and find the one that works best for you. Pick up this book today, and you’ll discover how the Jamstack answers your need for speed and simplicity.

JavaScript, APIs, and pre-rendered Markup put the JAM in Jamstack. This modern web architecture delivers the quick load times of static sites along with the dynamic functionality you need for user-friendly interactive features. Bui …