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Introduction: Present and past: the Inklings and King Arthur / Sørina Higgins — List of abbreviations — Inventory of Inklings Arthuriana — Texts and intertexts: — The matter of Logres: Arthuriana and the Inklings / Sørina Higgins — Medieval Arthurian sources for the Inklings: an overview / Holly Ordway — Mixed metaphors and hyperlinked worlds: a study of intertextuality in C.S. Lewis’ Ransom Cycle / Brenton D.G. Dickieson — Houses of healing: the idea of Avalon in Inklings fiction and poetry / Charles A. Huttar — Shape and direction: human consciousness in the Inklings’ mythological geographies / Christopher Gaertner — Histories past: — From myth to history and back again: Inklings Arthuriana in historical context / Yannick Imbert — “All men live by tales”: Chesterton’s Arthurian poems / J. Cameron Moore — The elegiac fantasy of past Christendom in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur / Cory Grewell — Histories present: — Spiritual quest in a scientific age / Jason Jewell and Chris Butynskyi — The stripped banner: reading The Fall of Arthur as a post-World War I text / Taylor Driggers — “Lilacs out of the dead land”: Narnia, The Waste Land, and the world wars / Jon Hooper — “What does the line along the rivers define?”: Charles Williams’ Arthuriad and the rhetoric of empire / Benjamin D. Utter — Geographies of gender: — “Fair as fay-woman and fell-minded”: Tolkien’s Guinever / Alyssa House-Thomas — Beatrice and Byzantium: sex and the city in the Arthurian works of Charles Williams / Andrew Rasmussen — Those kings of Lewis’ Logres: Arthurian figures as Lewisian gender in That Hideous Strength / Banjamin Shogren — Cartographies of the spirit: — “Servant of all”: Arthurian peregrinations in George MacDonald / Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson — Camelot incarnate: Arthurian vision in the early plays of Charles Williams / Bradley Wells — :Any chalice of consecrated wine”: the significance of the holy grail in Charles Williams’ War in Heaven / Suzanne Bray — The acts of unity: the Eucharistic theology of Charles Williams’ Arthurian poetry / Andrew C. Stout — Conclusion: Once and future: the Inklings, Arthur, and prophetic insight / Malcolm Guite.