Taranto, Nick, 1985- author.
xii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Toward a better food future — Appetizer: My journey from junk food junkie to evolved eater — First course. The story of humans and food: how we got to this place where food is a problem instead of a solution — Our food is killing us — Eating evolution, part 1: cooking made us human — Eating evolution, part 2: the birth of big food — Second course. The plated mission: why a new form of food production and distribution is necessary if we are going to reconnect with our food — “City boy goes country”–farming and food production — The CRAP trap — The cacophony of confusion — When food becomes nutrition — Third course. How to feed ten billion people — Don’t live on empty calories or an empty mission — The future of food — Cook your way to happiness — Conclusion: New food ideas require new food companies.