Farmer, Steven C., author.
xvii, 346 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
If you do not know any chemistry, this chapter is for you — The only true aphrodisiac and other chemical extremes — The poisons in everyday things — Why old books smell good and other mysteries of everyday objects — Bath salts and other drugs of abuse — Why oil is such a big part of our lives — Why junior mints® are shiny and other weird facts about your food — The radioactive banana and other examples of natural radioactivity — Chemistry is explosive! — The chemistry in Breaking Bad and other popular culture — Why you should not use illegally made drugs : the organic chemistry reason.
“This book opens the audience’s eyes to the extraordinary scientific secrets hiding in everyday objects. Helping readers increase chemistry knowledge in a fun and entertaining way, the book is perfect as a supplementary textbook or gift to curious professionals and novices. Appeals to a modern audience of science lovers by discussing multiple examples of chemistry in everyday life; Addresses compounds that affect everyone in one way or another: poisons, pharmaceuticals, foods, and illicit drugs; thereby evoking a powerful emotional response which increases interest in the topic at hand; Focuses on edgy types of stories that chemists generally tend to avoid so as not to paint chemistry in a bad light; however, these are the stories that people find interesting; Provides detailed and sophisticated stories that increase the reader’s fundamental scientific knowledge; Discusses complex topics in an engaging and accessible manner, providing the “how” and “why” that takes readers deeper into the stories”–The publisher.