A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Book 1

Author: Hope Callaghan

Language: English


Starboard Secrets Is Book 1 In The Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Series


Millie Sanders’ happily ever after is suddenly destroyed when her husband of 35 years comes home one day and informs her that he is leaving her for another woman. To make matters worse, the other woman happens to be her “friend” and hairdresser, Delilah Osborne!

After months of mourning and moping around the house, she stumbles upon a help wanted ad in the newspaper for the perfect job as an assistant cruise ship director. Before Millie can talk herself out of it, she fills out the application and mails it in. Much to her surprise, not only does the company contact her, they hire her!

Determined to start a new life and new career, Millie boards the ship, ready for a new adventure. She isn’t on board the massive floating city – her new home – more than ten minutes when a dead body is discovered near the atrium bar.

Her curiosity gets the best of her and before she knows it, Millie finds herself right in the thick of the investigation. With a little help from a new friend and shipmate, the amateur sleuth discovers that the deceased had more enemies than friends making this murder an even tougher case to crack.

Will Millie delve too deeply and risk losing her job – and possibly her life?


“Way to go Millie!–I thoroughly enjoyed the exploits of Millie as she starts a new chapter in her life. I look forward to the next installment! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great mystery or just a great Christian novel.” – Felicia A. Earley

“Nice cozy whodunit–I really enjoyed this book,suspense. from the first to last word.
I look forward to seeing Millie in the next book.”- Linda Rainey

“Enjoyable Read–Being an older woman myself, I enjoy a mystery where an older woman is the sleuth. I look forward to a sequel for this character.” – Shan

“Hope Callaghan is a great author! I loved Starboard Secrets and literally had …- Hope Callaghan is a great author! I loved Starboard Secrets and literally had trouble putting it down! I like Hope Callaghan’s quick wit, and how she develops each character! Enjoy the relationship the characters have with each other. Especially enjoy following each of her series of books! She is now my favorite author!” – B F Landrum

“Another great mystery from Hope Callaghan. I highly recommend any book written by this author. Lots of twists and turns. Could not put it down.
Her books are a lot of fun to read and very refreshing with no bad language or violence, Just good old fashioned fun. Can’t wait to see what comes next.”- Cynthia Graham