Over the weekend, several hundred Russian publishing professionals issued a public condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine. Many Russian publishers have also stood together to criticize Putin’s horrible war.

The letter reads, in translation:

We, Russian book publishers, booksellers, editors, translators, critics, illustrators, designers, typesetters, proofreaders, printers, librarians, and booksellers, protest against the war unleashed by the Russian authorities in Ukraine. The war must cease immediately, and the initiators and participants of the military aggression must be stripped of their ranks and titles and brought to justice.

Books are one of the main forms of preserving and transmitting human experience. And all this experience accumulated over the centuries teaches us: war is a crime, and the value of human life is unconditional. War must be stopped!

The letter was signed by representatives from numerous independent bookstores and publishing houses, including Bumkniga, Chuk i Gik — the publishing house of the Pushkin Foundation — Sinbad, Alt Graph, Jaromír Hladík Press, Pollen Press, Corpus, Cloudberry, White Crow and several others.