by Margaret Simmons: If leaping into a pool on horseback is what you do then when you can’t do it your job possibilities are less shining than you might like. But “….had never been inactive in her life…Forced into it she recognized that the world inside her and the world unseen were every bit as engaging…”Two Feathers is the very smart young woman who observes and takes active part in the world around her. Who would kill a Hippo? This world includes animals , alive and dead, countless people of every hue, alive and dead, all yearning to be seen. And seen they are in this very intense, often very funny, historical novel. Tennessee in the 20’s must have been a transitional marker in American society. How racial dynamics affect people just trying to get by and get back on the horse is reflected in the exquisite detail written. I want to see Harmonica in his dog cart. He is one of many vivid people who just passes through. And is seen. Just the many means of locomotion are worth discovering in this perfectly wonderful book. And the people! And the Animals. And the Dead. And especially Two Feathers!