by Rebecca (Havertown): I tend not to read books with dysfunctional families as living with mine was hard enough. I was intrigued by this book though since living through war in Northern Ireland was far enough from my own experiences that I felt I could read it without bias. I’m so glad that I did. The seesaw between Brid’s chapters and Bernie’s were sometimes confusing but I was so interested in both women that I worked through it. Brid’s story especially is so filled with heartbreak, fear, regret, and then hope and resolve that I could not put her aside. My heart broke for Bernie’s struggles; her confusion about her love for her best friend, her difficult decision regarding her pregnancy, and her constant push and pull feelings for her mom. I was sad to end the book and my relationship with these two. I also learned so much about the Northern Ireland war with Britain and how conflicting feelings and the struggle of wanting peace but wanting a unified Ireland tore a country apart. This is a book for everyone to read.