by Bookworm Becky 1969: Mayhem, convent, shadow…

The “Japanese Opera” group that schedules the Jigsaw room for two hours each Thursday is really “The Thursday Murder Club.” They book the room under the name Japanese Opera to ensure their privacy and to keep the unwanted out of their meetings.

Four of the retirement village residents- Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim, all over 65yo and with varying backgrounds, like to study the files of unsolved murder cases. They like to thoroughly study witness statements, photo evidence, and read any reports line by line.

And now they are involved with their first real-life case, right on the retirement village property. “A real case with a real corpse, and a real killer ” who is out and about. So now, of course, The Thursday Murder Club will try to do their duty and come to the aid of the police.

Thanks to Mindy at @bookendsnmb for suggesting I buy the debut book instead of the current book in the series!

I am tardy on starting this series! Now I will check on the next 2 books in the series!

A witty, fun read! Entertaining , quirky characters!

I was MOST curious about Elizabeth’s background story!

Lots of misdirection!