by Roberta (Los Ranchos): Maggie O’Farrell has written another great historical novel. In this book she writes about Lucrezia de’ Medici, who was married at a young age to Alfonso, Duke of Ferrara in the 1500s. She lived only two more years after the marriage and died when she was 17. The circumstances surrounding her death were mysterious and some accounts say she died of tuberculosis, but others think she might have been poisoned.

O’Farrell brings us into this world and creates a fascinating character in Lucrezia. We care deeply for this girl who is fierce and independent, yet so young and unable to be in control of her own destiny.

The story begins with Lucrezia knowing that her husband is plotting to kill her. The story goes back in forth in time as Lucrezia is near death and then back to her childhood and marriage.

The book is absolutely compelling and O’Farrell has turned Lucrezia’s story into a page-turner.

I loved it!