by Jamal (Morocco): The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods published with One More Chapter (Harper Collins) on June 22nd and is described as The Keeper of Stories meets The Lost Apothecary…evocative and charming novel full of mystery and secrets.’

I have read the charming work of Evie Woods, as Evie Gaughan, and have been totally captivated by the magic and warmth that emanates from her stories. Both The Mysterious Bakery on Rue de Paris, set in France, and The Story Collector, set in Ireland, swept me up in their mysticism and escapism, taking me on wonderful adventures. When Evie writes about France, her storytelling is reminiscent of Joanne Harris’ Vianne Rocher novels ( Chocolat, The Lollipop Shoes, Peaches for Monsieur le Cure & The Strawberry Thief) with sweeping imagery imbued with magical realism.

Evie combines France and her Irish roots into a beautifully woven tale that had me listening to Sidney Bechet and reminding me why I love his music and the gorgeous movie that is Midnight in Paris is a must for anyone who, like me, loves mention of the Lost Generation, Sylvia Beach and of an era when society and the arts carry a special kind of wonder and enchantment.

Martha arrives in Dublin looking for shelter, looking to escape the life she has been living. She finds work as a housekeeper for an elderly lady, with sleeping arrangements included. The anonymity of the situation suits Martha.

Henry arrives in Dublin from the UK in search of something. On the threshold of a big decision in his personal life, he needs this escape to Dublin to follow a thread, to uncover a piece of the past that he is finding challenging to get a solid hold of.

This book has my heart and soul.