by Janet Praxel: This was an intriguing read that kept me involved from page 1. It is a family story dealing with Ruth, a woman who made it out of small town America and is living the “American Dream” with her husband Xavier. But Ruth has a secret that is alluded to early in the book. For reasons from her past, she avoids discussions of a future with children and leaves Xavier completely in the dark regarding her lack of interest in family. Her secret eats away at her and she eventually goes back to her childhood house and family to try to make things right. The struggle to right wrongs from one’s past is probably a theme that we all deal with in one way or another. But Ruth’s secret is huge and how she handles it has the possibility of hurting many people. The book was great in the way Ruth follows basic human instinct to right a wrong, when maybe that “wrong” wasn’t all bad. I couldn’t put the book down and highly recommend this book to others. Aren’t family secrets always food for good fiction?