by Cathryn Conroy (Gaithersburg, Maryland): This fast-to-read psychological thriller is the perfect book for a cool autumn evening. Light a fire and get comfortable because this novel by Thomas Christopher Greene is so riveting you won’t be moving for a while.

This is an astonishing read, and about halfway through the book, the story will knock you between the eyes–and you’ll never see it coming. It is an astounding and unexpected plot twist that left me in tears at the end.

Since this book is all about the plot, to tell you more than this is to give away spoilers: It is a story about Arthur and Elizabeth Winthrop. He is the headmaster at an elite Vermont boarding school. She is the headmaster’s wife. The book opens as Arthur is walking naked in New York City’s Central Park during a snowstorm. The police bring him in for questioning, and he explains everything. This a novel that fully celebrates the joy of love and embraces the tragedy of death and the harrowing effect both can have on the human psyche.

I first read this book in 2014. I am rereading it now because it’s a selection for my book club. Knowing what happens made this second read even more powerful because I was looking for the clues.

And do note this: Even though the title makes it sound like ChickLit, it’s not. Men will enjoy this as much as women.

There is only one word to describe “The Headmaster’s Wife”: Extraordinary.