by Roberta (Albuquerque): The main character, Jack, is hired as a fishing guide at a luxurious fishing lodge in Colorado. He arrives with his own baggage and I don’t mean a suitcase. He is traumatized by the death of his mother and his best friend and blames himself for their deaths. How this adds to the story, I don’t know because there is very little character development of Jack or any of the other characters. The bad guys are bad and we never learn much about them.

Jack spends a week guiding a country western singer named Allison K who miraculously at the end of the book seems to be able to call in a squadron of helicopters to help save the day.

The women in the book are always described in sexist terms. Big surprise Allison and Jack are attracted to each other. Trite.

The “thriller” builds to such a ridiculous, unimaginative and implausible conclusion that I felt like throwing the book against the wall (or into the trashcan). Honesty I have no idea why the critics thought highly of this book.

The only redeeming quality and the only time the writing was any good was Heller’s descriptions of fly-fishing. He clearly is himself a fly fisher and loves it. I found those passages beautifully written. I think he should do a book of essays about fly fishing.

Heller’s book The River is better than this one.