by Lynn M. Castro (Menifee, California): Kristin Hannah is a brilliant story teller. If life can be hard, life is harder in Alaska. Leni, the main character moves here from Washington with her mother and her father, a POW who is suffering from PTSD, and trying to escape the inner turmoil he feels and lead a more peaceful existence. It becomes anything but peaceful, setting off unprepared for the challenges ahead. So many tragedies throughout. I loved Big Marge. The women are hardworking and strong. There are some horrific parts to get through. Hanna doesn’t want us to tread lightly through this book, but to experience the challenges and injustices that Leni, the main character, goes through, although no child should ever have to go through them. The ending is a bit bitter sweet, yet Leni can still find beauty and peace through it all. A rainbow lies ahead. There is so much more to say – Read the story.