by Ayanda Bhekingwe (South Africa): I have goosebumps! This novel is genuinely phenomenal. A mind-boggling fiction that has completely opened a new portal for me to explore and that’s the idea of reincarnation. But the big question I wanted to ask was, Who is Noah’s father? I assumed it was Anderson since well, they share the same name with the mystery Jeff that is supposedly Noah’s father, but the description of Anderson seems to contradict my assumptions. The author describes Anderson as an older man through older Charlie’s eyes (remember when they went to visit the real Tommy, not the first one they mistaken him for, that Charlie). So it cannot be Anderson. On that note, what happens to Anderson next? He floats away and that’s it? That’s how it ends? And Janie, I needed to know how her future turned out? Why didn’t she try harder to reach out to Anderson. I felt robbed at the end because I wanted the novel to continue. I know it’s ridiculous to obsess over this, but I can’t help but wonder what happens next. Can Sharon please write a continuation of the book. But overall, it’s worth the read. The best book I’ve read in a while.