by Techeditor (Romeo, Michigan): I started THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR with the wrong expectation. I expected this to be a reimagining of Agatha Christie’s 11 days when she went missing. While that’s true, THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR is even more about Christie’s first husband’s mistress, Nan. She is really the main character, and she tells the story that is so full of thrilling twists and turns, I enjoyed it more than I ever enjoyed an Agatha Christie novel.

Christie’s first husband is spoiled and selfish and wants to dump her in favor of Nan. So your immediate impression of Nan isn’t meant to be a good one. However, that will soon change with her story of hardship and romance with an Irish boy/man.

And then there are all the secrets. Four people, including Christie, know what really happened during those 11 days. But everyone keeps her secret because she is keeping their secrets of murder and deception.

As Nan also tells it, Christie, too, has a romance during her 11 missing days. Are her and Nan’s romances doomed, or can Nan rewrite the ending?