by Elizabeth@Silver’s Reviews: Can it really be Beth Greer the Lady Killer?

Is she really granting me an interview after all this time when she wouldn’t grant one to anyone else?

Shea Collins….receptionist by day and crime blogger of cold cases by night is thrilled that Beth is going to let her interview her.

She finds Beth to be very odd, and the mansion she lives in even more odd. It seems to have ghosts…things move around, noises appear out of nowhere, voices talk to you, and her parents’ things are still sitting where they left them.

This was going to be a welcome but tough case. Luckily a few other characters helped Shea with the case…Michael…a detective, and Winston Purrchill…a cat that was left on her doorstep.

The research and the book move us back to 1960 when Beth was a child, then to 1977 when Beth was accused of the murder, and then to present day when Beth and Shea become friends and learn about each other and about the case.

Should Shea be careful around Beth, though, since she still wasn’t sure Beth was the killer and wrongly accused but acquitted…you never know.

THE BOOK OF COLD CASES moved slowly along, but the tension and underlying suspense ramped up when we met Lily. And just who is Lily?

Fans of Simone St. James won’t want to miss her chilling, ghostly, can’t-put-down newest.

Ohhhh so good. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.