by Gloria M (San Jose): Liz Nugent has written a family drama containing a totally original plot line and several disturbing twists with “Strange Sally Diamond.” Sally is an extremely antisocial introvert at the age of forty-three and still lives with her adoptive elderly father. Why is she like this? The tale unfolds slowly as we get captured by the character, rooting for her to find a new safe and productive path.

Though it is easy to care about Sally, it is difficult to actually like her. Introverts might find a few connections with her behavior, but it is so hard to agree with her choice to both completely ignore the evidence about her family members and adhere to her own false narratives about them.

There are two perspectives for the reader to ponder, that of Sally and one of a boy from the past. How do these puzzle pieces interlock? This will definitely appeal to mystery fans in addition to those who like family stories. It is a strong piece of fiction and one readers will not regret choosing.