by Elizabeth@Silver’s Reviews (Lower Burrell): Escaping a raging Australian bush fire wasn’t the only horrendous thing Allison had to endure in her life.

Something else from her past was waiting.

When she felt it was safe to leave her home, she found a dead woman sitting in her driveway with Allison’s address written on a slip of paper.

Allison has no idea who this woman is, but it is the address of where Allison used to live.

We follow Allison as she tries to figure out what meaning this has, and she constantly feels someone is watching her.

Did she really know this woman? What is going on?

How are Allison and this woman connected?

We find out as Allison relives the past and lets us know what’s going on currently.

Her abusive boyfriend is trying to find her because he said she has something that he wants.

Allison knows nothing about what he could want, is frightened, runs, and tries to solve this on her own without giving all the information to the police.

RADIANT HEAT was somewhat confusing because of all the back-and-forth in time right in the same paragraph or chapter, but the writing was very good and the tension, the intrigue, and the underlying fact that something was going on that I needed to know kept me reading, even though it took until about 50 to pull you in.

It is worth the wait, but be aware there is domestic violence. 4/5

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.