by Cathryn Conroy (Gaithersburg, Maryland): This is a 10-star book. But it comes with a serious warning: Do not read it unless you really have time to read. Because this book will suck you in and not let go. It is one of those rare accomplishments in literature: an ingeniously plotted page-turner that is written with sympathy, intelligence and keen insight into the human condition.

Written by Celeste Ng, this is the story of the Richardson family of upscale Shaker Heights, Ohio. Mr. Richardson is a wealthy, successful attorney. Mrs. Richardson is a reporter for the local newspaper. They have four children, each one year apart and all in high school. They also have new tenants, single mom Mia and her 15-year-old daughter, who rent the upstairs apartment in a home the Richardsons own on the other side of town. This is the story of these two families and their unexpected interactions. Mia is a freewheeling, gypsy-type artist with closely-guarded secrets, while Mrs. Richardson is a buttoned-down perfectionist who is a stickler for following the rules—but they are both passionate mothers. Mix in hot-blooded teenage hormones with the pressure to excel, and we have a stunning exploration of what it means to live and thrive (or not) in suburbia.

I loved everything about this book, and I am in awe of Celeste Ng’s ability to spin a story that fully engages the reader.

Bonus: If you have ever lived in any of the Cleveland suburbs—east or west—reading this book is like going back again. The Cleveland details are perfect.