by BuffaloGirlKS (Wright, Kansas): Revolving around the life of an upper class English woman from her birth and death (and subsequent numerous alternative births and deaths) on a cold winter night through both World Wars, this book portrays English society and an individual woman’s life in an unusual premise. In reading other reviews, some found it difficult to follow and choppy. Perhaps because I listened to the audiobook, I had no difficulty with this. The book’s greatest point for me was Isabel’s victimization and her acceptance of it which started with her no importance as far as her mother was concerned. Her boys were clearly her favorites. Isabel’s older sister and her father did show her love and compassion, but her mother’s coldness seemed to suppress Isabel. The brutality that She suffered at the hands of her husband illustrated the hopelessness of women in that situation at that time. Those scenes literally made me gasp.

I have seen that there are sequels to this book and I do intend to read them.