by Gloria M (San Jose): Angie Kim is an excellent writer! This is evident from her choice of quotes to comprise her epigraph at the very beginning of “Happiness Falls.” Some readers may be initially reluctant to choose a GMA Book Club selection as it is too “popular/trendy” but, at least in this case, that would mean missing one of the best novels of the year.

The plot is imaginative, the characters are compelling and the musings about life and purpose and the connections to our loved ones are thought provoking. Mia is the twenty year old narrator of this tale about a crisis experienced by a Virginian family. Her father is missing and a page turning mystery rapidly unfolds. The personal drama and secrets of Mia, her mom, her dad, her twin brother John, and her younger brother Eugene (suffering from a rare genetic disease and unable to speak) are slowly revealed, layers of a large onion gradually pulled away.

The elements of philosophy and purpose and deep questions regarding our human connections will prove relevant to most readers. It is a well woven piece of fiction and it is difficult to reveal more without divulging spoilers and disrupting the fun of discovering all the details. Without question this book deserves five stars. The characters, the emotions it generates and the musings it inspires will remain in the reader’s thoughts for quite some time.