by Tonyia Robinson: I was given this book to read and comment before from book browser but did not get a chance to read/comment on the book, due to illness (Covid/MS). I enjoyed this book greatly and others should read this book. From a child’s/family’s perspective of dealing with the Cold War, and so much more. What it means to be Free relative to our living surroundings; culture and political climates. And did the truth set them free. The truth change what they were accustom and comfortable relative to the past, present and future. They had become so accustomed to the lies. They didn’t know how to embrace the freedoms they really wanted. Her parents didn’t feel free living in a different world, despite they were suppressing the truth. But for their daughter, the truth set her free. Children, young adults adapt better to change than older adults who learned to live with restricting their true identities to survive. Wonderfully written and inspiring.