by techeditor (Romeo, Michigan): The best thrillers are made up of situation after situation that make the reader wonder how the author can write herself out of it. Of course, FALSE WITNESS does that. I say “of course” because it is another Karin Slaughter thriller, and you can always count on her to write the best.

Two sisters, after murdering the pedophile who victimized them when they were in their early teens, are living different lives 20 years later. Leigh is now a lawyer; Callie is a junkie hooked on heroin. The sisters continue to love one another, and each tries to protect the other.

Leigh has now been put in the position to defend the pedophile’s son who is accused of rape, a charge he is guilty of. This son, it turns out, is much like his father.

Although Callie is a drug addict, she works off and on for a veterinarian. She is an animal lover. (Some of my favorite parts of this book are the names Callie comes up with for cats and fish.)

The pedophile’s son, Leigh learns, is guilty of much more than the rape. But she must continue to defend him because he can prove that she murdered his father.

Once you start reading FALSE WITNESS, you won’t want to put it down. Promise.