by techeditor (Romeo, Michigan): If you can suspend disbelief here and there, you’ll really enjoy FALLING. I did, and so did everyone else in my book group. FALLING is a fast read because you won’t want to put it down.

Terrorists have given an airline pilot a choice: crash his plane with 140 “souls” onboard and save the lives of his kidnapped family, or land the plane, saving passengers and crew but resulting in his family’s deaths. His answer is that neither the people on the plane nor his family are going to die. At that I admit that the book is ultimately predictable, but it was so much fun to read about how everyone–the passengers and crew on the plane, the pilot’s wife and two children, the two (yes, just two) terrorists, the FBI, the air traffic controllers, the President of the United States, and even the baseball players and fans at Yankee Stadium–learned about and dealt with this terrorist threat.

My criticism is T.J. Newman’s waste of time describing the pilot’s dreams. They add nothing of consequence to the story.

Others poke holes in this story and criticize its authenticity. I don’t at all. I’d be willing to bet that, once you start FALLING, you’ll be willing to suspend disbelief and you won’t want to stop.