by Gabi: It happened one snowy weekend…

Ernest Cunningham attends an ill-fated reunion of the notorious Cunningham family at an Australian ski resort – a reunion which turns into a weekend of family drama and murder. As Ernie investigates the murder of an unknown man, he encounters a multitude of twists and turns, secrets are unveiled, and the past becomes entangled in the now.

The book was written from Ernie’s perspective as a family member and a self-appointed sleuth. However, what distinguishes the book even more is that he also writes from the perspective of an author of books about how to write crime fiction – very unique and entertaining.

“Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone” kept me guessing until the very end and is easily one of the most captivating and amusing crime mysteries I have read in a long time. Heard somewhere this is the first of a series, I hope so. I loved it.