by kdowli01 (Falls Church, VA): “Huntress. Warrior. Mother. Murderess. Queen.” Most of what I’d heard about Clytemnestra previously was pretty much focused on the Murderess aspect of her story, but this book gives you so much more, showcasing every aspect of her character, and what led to the point she’s usually known for.

This is thorough for sure. On the one hand, that means it felt slow for the first half or so. But it also meant that Clytemnestra, and everyone around her, was very well developed as a character. This was a much more complex portrayal of her than I’ve ever seen, and I really enjoyed seeing her in all the different roles she took on.

Another interesting aspect to this book is that it really is not mythology like you’d expect. They refer to the gods and goddesses, but they are not characters, and this feels much more like historical fiction than mythology.

The ending is dark (although really, if you know the story of Clytemnestra, you should expect that), and I thought the book does a great job setting up that atmosphere.

I definitely enjoyed this, and recommend to anyone who’s a fan of Greek mythology!