by Gabi: What an amazing and beautifully written book. I read a chapter, each an essay, a day and then reflected on it…savoring the messages. Braiding Sweetgrass, as the title implies, spoke to my mind, body, and soul. A melding of science and the learning passed down through generations of Native Americans, this book is a unique and refreshing glimpse at the natural world, the gifts from Mother Earth. Respect, gratitude and reciprocity “for all that we have been given, for all that we have taken” from Mother Earth are themes central to each of the essays. The book is a moving call to action to reframe how we think of the natural world and how we weigh the choices we make with regards to our planet.

As someone else mentioned, this book should be required reading in all natural science classes. I was thrilled to read that a Youth Reader edition of this wonderful book will be available in 2022.

For audiobook lovers, Braiding Sweetgrass is narrated by Robin Wall Kimmerer herself. She brings the words to life as only someone who feels them with her heart could.