by Bedur Alshrif (Towson): While reading Beloved, I found myself enjoying Morrison’s eloquence. Although the book is set in the 1800s, I found myself understanding it easily after I got the timelines. She drew me in and made my experience what the characters were going through. She made me judge Setha, Beloved and Paul D, which is weird since they all had different beliefs. I would like to analyze it in class and understand it better in terms of symbols and characterization.

I found it a little bit challenging because of the timelines and the flashbacks employed to discuss the character’s past. However, as I progressed, it was easy to understand the order of events. I found Sethe’s character to be fascinating because she was dealing with so much and it was not clear whether to blame her, understand her or empathize with her. Some archetypes in the novel are the mother archetype, rebirth and the child archetype.