Galper, Amy, author.
Dallas, TX : BenBella Books, Inc., [2018]
302 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Natural beauty basics: Deconstructing beauty labels ; Is natural the same as organic ; The difference between following a recipe and formulating one ; How the skin works ; Plant extracts and whole-plant parts ; Essential oils and synergies ; Beauty ingredient charts ; What you need in your beauty formulation kitchen — Beauty recipes: Facial care:cleansers, masks, scrubs, moisturizers, ans special treatments ; Haircare: scalp serums, and hair pomade ; Body care: cleansers, scrubs, masks, and moisturizers ; Personal care; Mouthwash, deodorant, bug sprays, and more ; Mind-body care: Baths, inhalers, roll-ons, and salves.