You may have noticed a lovely new sunflower gracing the pages of this website and our Facebook page. It is the centerpiece of our new logo, created by JoEllen Wang of Tiny Beast Design.

All of us at the King County Seed Lending Library want to give a big thanks to JoEllen for her lovely design and hard work creating it. Thanks also to Krista Staudacher, our West Seattle coordinator, who worked closely with JoEllen to make it happen.

JoEllen is a West Seattle architect who offers a full range of services to commercial and residential clients.

This is the third logo for the King County Seed Lending Library. Our image has evolved from a dandelion seedhead to an umbel of parsley seeds. The sunflower was chosen for its cheeriness and abundant edible seeds.

JoEllen also provided us with a color palette and a version of the logo to use on stamps, which will be used to label envelopes. The stamp will premiere at our annual Seed Swap, coming up next January.