Tailwind CSS is an exciting new CSS framework that allows you to design your site by composing simple utility classes to create complex effects. With Tailwind, you can style your text, move your items on the page, design complex page layouts, and adapt your design for devices from a phone to a wide-screen monitor. With this book, you’ll learn how to use the Tailwind for its flexibility and its consistency, from the smallest detail of your typography to the entire design of your site.

This new edition of the book covers Tailwind 3.0, which changes the way Tailwind generates its CSS. Tailwind 3.0 has a large number of new features powered by the new system, including the ability to use arbitrary values with most Tailwind class patterns, and a new syntax for combining color and opacity in a single class. This book also covers the new standalone command-line tools for Tailwind.

With CSS, you can do amazing things to the basic text and images on your website, a …