Learn how to use the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node) to build five fully functioning web apps for dating, video sharing, messaging, and social media. While creating these web apps, you’ll learn key development concepts including how to use React hooks, Redux, MongoDB, Express, Heroku, Firebase, Material UI, and Google authentication. By expanding your portfolio with the projects you create, you will be well equipped as front-end developer.

You will first create a dating site with a swiping feature and chat functionality. You will then build a video sharing app with videos displaying vertically. Next, you will learn to build an awesome messaging web app. Users will be able to chat in real time, as well as log in to their account using Google authentication. You will also create a photo sharing app and social media web apps with the ability to post images with captions and log in using email and password authentication.

Most MERN tutorials …