Embark on a journey to build an augmented reality world. This book puts theory into practical application by building unique augmented reality apps specific to each chapter’s topic.

You’ll learn to engineer successful, well-designed, and comprehensive augmented reality applications for Apple devices. First, uncover the foundation of augmented reality on Apple platforms. Understand the building blocks and inner workings of the technologies that power augmented reality. Then, learn about building AR apps using ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, RealityKit, and RealityComposer.

You’ll study augmented reality app business models, designs, and content for the ultimate user experience. Plus, you’ll cover the theories and practicalities of ARKit APIs such as surface detection, working with world maps, body motion capture, face tracking, object scanning and detecting, people occlusion, and more. Chapter by chapter, this book helps you to become an advanced augmented rea …