Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of computers to simulate human thinking. Machine learning (ML) is one of the building blocks of AI. It’s based on the idea that computers can be taught to do things on their own from the data and feedback you give them.

Machine Learning for Kids consists of this book and a kid-friendly companion website paired with the educational coding platform, Scratch. Together, they provide an easy-to-use guided programming environment for adding ML capabilities to your own AI projects!

As you work through each chapter you’ll discover how ML systems can be taught to recognize text, images, numbers, and sounds, and different ways of training ML models to improve their accuracy. You’ll turn your models into fun computer games and apps (and see what happens when an AI system gets confused by bad data) while building:
– A Rock, Paper, Scissors game that knows your hand shapes;
– A smart question-answering chatbot; …