Create stunning and complex visualizations using the amazing new Charticulator custom visuals in Power BI.

Charticulator offers users immense power to generate visuals and graphics. To a beginner, there are myriad settings and options that can be combined in what feels like an unlimited number of combinations, giving it the unfair label, “the DAX of the charting world”. This is not true.

This book is your start-to-finish guide to using Charticulator, a custom visual software that Microsoft integrated into Power BI Desktop so that Power BI users can create incredibly powerful, customized charts and graphs. You will learn the concepts that underpin the software, journeying through every building block of chart design, enabling you to combine these parts to create spectacular visuals that represent the story of your data.
Unlike other custom Power BI visuals, Charticulator runs in a separate application window within Power BI with its own interface an …