How Computers Really Work is a hands-on guide to the computing ecosystem: everything from circuits to memory and clock signals, machine code, programming languages, operating systems, and the internet.

But you won’t just read about these concepts, you’ll test your knowledge with exercises, and practice what you learn with 41 optional hands-on projects. Build digital circuits, craft a guessing game, convert decimal numbers to binary, examine virtual memory usage, run your own web server, and more.

Explore concepts like how to:
– Think like a software engineer as you use data to describe a real world concept;
– Use Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws to analyze an electrical circuit;
– Think like a computer as you practice binary addition and execute a program in your mind, step-by-step.

The book’s projects will have you translate your learning into action, as you:
– Learn how to use a multimeter to measure resistance, curre …