Grokking Streaming Systems is a simple guide to the complex concepts behind streaming systems. This friendly and framework-agnostic tutorial teaches you how to handle real-time events, and even design and build your own streaming job that’s a perfect fit for your needs. Each new idea is carefully explained with diagrams, clear examples, and fun dialogue between perplexed personalities!

Streaming systems minimize the time between receiving and processing event data, so they can deliver responses in real time. For applications in finance, security, and IoT where milliseconds matter, streaming systems are a requirement. And streaming is hot! Skills on platforms like Spark, Heron, and Kafka are in high demand.

Grokking Streaming Systems introduces real-time event streaming applications in clear, reader-friendly language. This engaging book illuminates core concepts like data parallelization, event windows, and backpressure without getting bogged down in framew …