This book aims to provide an approachable introduction to Redis concepts by outlining many of the key-value store’s commands so readers can learn their patterns and syntax, thus building up readers’ understanding gradually. The goal for this book is to serve as an introduction to Redis for those interested in getting started with it, or key-value stores in general. For more experienced users, this book can function as a collection of helpful cheat sheets and in-depth reference.

The topics that it covers include how to: Connect to a Redis database; Create and use a variety of Redis data types, including strings, sets, hashes, and lists; Manage Redis clients and replicas; Run transactions in Redis; Troubleshoot issues in a Redis installation.

Each chapter is self-contained and can be followed independently of the others. By reading through this book, you’ll become acquainted with many of Redis’s most widely used commands, which will help you as you begin to …